Capital One Future Edge. Get Ready for tomorrow. Today.

Future Edge

Making a difference in our communities today means increasing our focus on helping people gain the skills necessary to succeed in the digital age. Through our Future Edge initiative, Capital One is investing $150 million on community grants and support to help more Americans thrive in the ever-changing digital economy. These community grants and initiatives will focus on:

  • Skills for the 21st Century: We’re helping people gain the skills to have a career, so they can make great decisions for themselves and their families. See how it comes to life.

  • Small Business Development: We’re introducing small businesses and the nonprofits that serve them to new technology solutions that will help their businesses thrive. See how it comes to life.

  • Financial Well-Being: We’re helping people at all stages of their lives take better control of their personal finances so that they make the best decisions for their future. See how it comes to life.

There’s no denying that technology is changing our world, breaking down barriers and unleashing ideas and opportunities at an amazing rate. The pace of technological change is unrelenting, and the sheer pace threatens to leave many behind. But so is the commitment of Capital One associates, who are generously donating their time and expertise to help overcome the gaps in education, skills, and earnings that put opportunity out of reach for so many. As a company, we have been humbled by our associates’ dedication to helping provide for and educate anyone who dreams of a better job, a thriving business, and a more secure future.