Skills for the 21st Century

Technology Lab Brings 21st Century Skills to Students

Learning to use technology and developing digital skills in high school can lead to future success and greater professional opportunities. It’s why more than 30 volunteers recently joined The Heart of American Foundation®, school staff and community members at Franklin Military Academy, a public school in Richmond, VA, to complete a new Technology Lab that brings 21st century learning to the school’s students.

Using Digital Skills to Transform School Library

New features in the space include computers, a station for multi-user collaboration connected to a flat-screen, digital financial literacy materials, iPads®, and new books focused on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum for students. Design software loaded into new computers and a Cleartouch screen provide on-demand access to coding programs and virtual field trips.

Volunteers spent a day using their own digital skills to set up and test the new technology, transforming what was previously a traditional school library into a vibrant hub of technology.

Gaining Access to Invaluable Digital Learning

Students at Franklin Military Academy are also gaining invaluable digital and STEM skills by participating in the C1 Coders program, a unique 10-week course through which they learn software engineering and coding. The new computers in the Technology Lab allow students access to the C1 Coders curriculum and other digital resources.

Digital Learning Tools for the Digital World

Since 2002, Capital One has partnered with The Heart of America Foundation® to put books into the hands of children in low-income communities and to create safe, inviting libraries in their schools. Recognizing that digital resources have become key components in students’ ability to learn in the digital world, the partnership recently evolved to also bring technology and digital tools to schools and communities.